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natural xanax
April 14, 2015| General

I woke up in a pretty wretched mood this morning; I was down in the dumps about fitness goals, in the dumps about pretty much everything. I really didn’t want to work out and I really wasn’t looking forward to the day of food and juice I “should” have...

hello again!
April 1, 2015| General

I’ve been on and off juicing since my last post (juicing most days, allowing a bowl of veggies or even a mini sandwich last night if I’m super hungry- no deprivation zone folks!) and let me tell you what. My skin, my MOOD, my energy and even outlook are...

cleanse required
March 26, 2015| detoxification journal

It’s hard to admit that as healthy as I thought I was, turns out I’m in desperate need of a reset. I’m on day 2 of a juice fast to try to clear an acute case of urticaria (itchy, red, hives). Stressed to a breaking point, my body is...

Urgent Pain
February 3, 2015| General

My SuperBowl Sunday: horrendous pain and immobility in my low back, such that tears aren’t optional, walking is impossible, breathing is ragged and subject to the random, gut-wrenching spasms spanning from my glutes to my diaphragm. Run to Urgent Care, get a slew of anti-spasmodic drugs, opioid pain meds, steroid-based...

infrared sauna testimonials

  • My bad knees make it difficult for me to get in cardio, so the weight loss support of the infrared sauna therapy sessions [at the Hot Spot] have been extremely helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and mindset! Thank you so much!
    Going back today!!

  • Since visiting the emergency room for the crippling low back pain I experienced a few days ago I have been virtually paralyzed. I was able to crawl into the sauna this morning, and within 15 minutes I was standing and able to move my hips back-and-forth. After my 45 minute session I walked, fully upright, out of the sauna with a smile on my face and more or less feeling normal, mobile, and optimistic than I will. In fact. Heal!!
    The Hot Spot and our magnesium lotion, and my doTERRA Deep Blue Rub are helping me tremendously, in ways even I am still surprised by.

  • I’ve had Lyme disease for almost 20 years, and have tried multiple treatments to deal with the resulting arthritis. Nothing – NOTHING – has helped my joints like repeated sessions in the infrared sauna [at the Hot Spot]!

    BB, Ashburn, VA