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Urgent Pain
February 3, 2015| General

My SuperBowl Sunday: horrendous pain and immobility in my low back, such that tears aren’t optional, walking is impossible, breathing is ragged and subject to the random, gut-wrenching spasms spanning from my glutes to my diaphragm. Run to Urgent Care, get a slew of anti-spasmodic drugs, opioid pain meds, steroid-based...

Healthy treat alert!
January 23, 2015| General

Cinnamon apple, peanut butter protein cake with salted caramel sauce For dinner tonight my need for starchiness and indulgence won out, but my path to ultimate fitness didn’t suffer, thank goodness.  I whipped up this little plate of magic: Ingredients: Crust: one peanut butter Quest bar (optional, you can...

Delayed opening; Yay SNOW!
January 6, 2015| General

Delayed opening today: we’ll open our hot, steamy sauna doors at noon! Come get a deep sweat and immune boost in our infrared saunas and brave the rest of this frigid day with warm hearts and backsides! 703-787-0060

Tone it up! Acceleration training on its way to our studio!
November 6, 2014| General

I’m off RIGHT NOW to go pick up our very own Power Plate for accelerated exercise- engaging almost TWICE as much muscle fiber as typical exercise. You’ll get toned legs, abs, arms in 10 minutes, just standing there before or after your sauna session. Try a 20 minute session...

infrared sauna testimonials

  • My bad knees make it difficult for me to get in cardio, so the weight loss support of the infrared sauna therapy sessions [at the Hot Spot] have been extremely helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and mindset! Thank you so much!
    Going back today!!

  • No matter how stressed I am when I get to my infrared sauna session [at the Hot Spot] I walk out feeling so calm and centered. The detoxification, the calorie burn for my weight loss efforts, and the knowledge I’ve done something great for my mind, body, and spirit makes me feel just wonderful. LOVE YOU!!

    VL, Reston, VA
  • I’ve had Lyme disease for almost 20 years, and have tried multiple treatments to deal with the resulting arthritis. Nothing – NOTHING – has helped my joints like repeated sessions in the infrared sauna [at the Hot Spot]!

    BB, Ashburn, VA