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Sad news: Hot Spot is going out of business Nov. 30
November 3, 2015| General

Hello Hot Spot lovers, We are sorry to announce that, after more than two years in business, the Hot Spot will be closing its doors forever on November 30th. We will remain open for business through the month of November, giving you the opportunity to soak up as much...

natural xanax
April 14, 2015| General

I woke up in a pretty wretched mood this morning; I was down in the dumps about fitness goals, in the dumps about pretty much everything. I really didn’t want to work out and I really wasn’t looking forward to the day of food and juice I “should” have...

hello again!
April 1, 2015| General

I’ve been on and off juicing since my last post (juicing most days, allowing a bowl of veggies or even a mini sandwich last night if I’m super hungry- no deprivation zone folks!) and let me tell you what. My skin, my MOOD, my energy and even outlook are...

cleanse required
March 26, 2015| detoxification journal

It’s hard to admit that as healthy as I thought I was, turns out I’m in desperate need of a reset. I’m on day 2 of a juice fast to try to clear an acute case of urticaria (itchy, red, hives). Stressed to a breaking point, my body is...

infrared sauna testimonials

  • Since visiting the emergency room for the crippling low back pain I experienced a few days ago I have been virtually paralyzed. I was able to crawl into the sauna this morning, and within 15 minutes I was standing and able to move my hips back-and-forth. After my 45 minute session I walked, fully upright, out of the sauna with a smile on my face and more or less feeling normal, mobile, and optimistic than I will. In fact. Heal!!
    The Hot Spot and our magnesium lotion, and my doTERRA Deep Blue Rub are helping me tremendously, in ways even I am still surprised by.

  • I’ve had Lyme disease for almost 20 years, and have tried multiple treatments to deal with the resulting arthritis. Nothing – NOTHING – has helped my joints like repeated sessions in the infrared sauna [at the Hot Spot]!

    BB, Ashburn, VA
  • No matter how stressed I am when I get to my infrared sauna session [at the Hot Spot] I walk out feeling so calm and centered. The detoxification, the calorie burn for my weight loss efforts, and the knowledge I’ve done something great for my mind, body, and spirit makes me feel just wonderful. LOVE YOU!!

    VL, Reston, VA